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I’ve lived on and off in London for quite some time now and until recently I had never ventured out to Greenwich Park. Yet, when it kept popping up on my social media with what looked like unparalleled views of the London skyline, I decided I had to go. And honestly, it’s the best view of the London skyline I have personally seen. It was breathtaking. 

The trip was also not bad, just a 30-minute train ride from Waterloo (in London, that’s nothing). We decided to go via Blackheath train station and walk through the park which was super pretty. It took around 20 minutes but you could already see some of the skyline and the park is lovely. 

We went about an hour before sunset to catch golden hour and it was busy but not packed. Most people were just there to enjoy the view and take some pictures. Greenwich observatory is also there, it is supposed to have great views too but it was closed and you could see most things from just the park anyway. The best view was right next to the observatory so I’d pop that into maps if you are walking. 

This isn’t really a tourist destination but it’s honestly one of my favourite places in all of London. The views, the massive green space and just the atmosphere there are amazing. I’d recommend it to anyone! 

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day:

Just look at those colours and the skyline – it’s insane. I didn’t even know London had viewpoints like that. It’s also on a hill so the view is pretty much uninterrupted. Not shown here, but to the left was the Shard and to the right the big O2 arena.

View from greewnich park and observatory over London at night

Next time I’ll bring my proper camera to capture the night view better! 

Fun fact, the big building you see at the bottom of the hill is the National Maritime Museum and it was featured in one of the Thor movies.

hot chocolate with cream and chocolate stick

If you’re travelling via Blackheath Station definitely stop at Madeleine’s Creperie on your way back and warm up with one of their amazing drinks or sweet treats – the hot chocolate was amazing and they had lots of cool options!

Have you been to Greenwich park yet?

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