Why Every Successful Influencer Releases A Book

If you spend any time on social media, you have probably heard of the newest influencer book deal and the backlash it created. Molly-Mae Hague is no doubt very good at what she does and continues to rake in large collaborations and deals, in spite of the controversies surrounding her. Or maybe because of them? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that brands and publishers alike see the engagement and attention Molly gets online and want a slice of the money-making cake. As far as influencing goes, that is really the main goal, isn’t it?

Molly isn’t the first, nor will she certainly be the last influencer to release a book deal. I remember when Zoella released her first book way back in 2014 and it broke several records at the time. Another influencer turned entrepreneur who released a book super recently is Grace Beverley. I genuinely admire Grace for her business skills and the amazing brands she founded and have followed her journey for quite a few years. I have personally heard mixed reviews of her book, but it is the only one of recent releases I have been meaning to read.

Overall, I tend to be sceptical of books released by influencers. As anyone who has had a go at writing knows, it is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. Many of the influencers releasing books have neither. They also all say it has ‘always been their dream’ to release a book – which I get from a ‘Once I’ve got a book, I’ve made it’ kind of standpoint, but not from an ‘I want to release a book and go through the full writing journey to call it my creation’. 

It is no secret that quite a few influencers don’t write their books, or at least not fully, and almost all have ghostwriters. Which is completely fine – a lot of celebrities and authors do. I think for anyone interested in buying these books, it’s just important to recognise that this is a money-making machine. For both the influencer and the publisher. So the story you get may not always be as in-depth as you are expecting. The focus is pushing out this book while the author is in the limelight and engagement is high, the storyline of the book, in my opinion anyway, comes second to that. 

Please keep in mind that everything in this article is just my opinion. Any influencer releasing a book is clearly very successful within the content creation space and ready to branch out further, and I can only applaud that. There are countless celebrities who have released the most random books and most people don’t think twice about that, so why should it be different for influencers. Will I personally be buying the newest influencer books? Probably not. But I am always open to being proved wrong 🙂

What’s your opinion on influencers releasing books?

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