Why A Reliable Morning Routine Is Key For A Successful Day

While I was at university, mornings did not really exist. They were the time I got to catch up on sleep, venturing out of bed at midday for some food. Now that I am working, this is vastly different. Mornings are a key time to reflect, have some me time and set the pace for my day. 

I am by no means a morning person! I am kind of forced to get up if I want to keep my job (for legal purposes, this is a joke). Over time, I realised that having a good morning routine in place makes it a little less painful to leave my bed. It’s actually scientifically proven that your morning routine is key to the rest of your day and strongly affects your productivity. Dedicating time to set activities can boost your energy levels while lowering stress levels. And honestly, that seems like a good enough reason to make myself get out of bed in the morning. 

There are a ton of books and articles out there about what a ‘great’ morning routine should look like. Swimming rounds in an ice-cold lake, reading 20 pages, meditating… – the list goes on. In my opinion, whatever works for you is a ‘good’ morning routine. If that means you get out of bed and wash your face and get some coffee, then that is your routine. It should be reliable more than anything. The thing you can fall back on when your body isn’t quite functioning yet.

Mornings can be hard, there’s no point in trying to improve everything at once. Slowly add habits, see if they work for you and try out different things. The practice of routinely completing tasks will already help you prepare more for the day and you can add more ‘beneficial’ habits as you go along. 

That’s my two cents on morning routines. They are beneficial but they do not have to be perfect. Repeating something to make it a habit already is a routine. Just try and be consistent!

What is one key step in your morning routine?

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