The Trip Of A Lifetime | Writing Prompt

I really enjoyed writing yesterday’s post so I’ve decided to do another writing prompt today. They are such a great way to expand my writing and get more creative with topics.

  1. Describe the trip of a lifetime.

Anything that has to do with trips, I can spend hours talking about (don’t worry, I won’t this time). Yet, the idea of coming up with the trip of a lifetime seems somewhat stressful. Putting that much expectation on one trip alone feels like setting it up for failure. But I think (or know) I may be overthinking it. I think the objective here is to talk about my dream trip, something that would be a highlight for years to come.

For me, the trip of a lifetime would be a backpacking style one that covers as many countries as possible. Key continents for me would be Asia, Africa and South America, as they are the ones I have explored the least so far and also some of the ones with such an incredible mix of cities and nature. I say backpacking style because I’d want to experience more of the local culture and that doesn’t really involve fancy hotels and big suitcases (though personally, I’d still take a carry-on over a backpack). I’ve done this type of trip in Australia and Thailand (solo-travel) and they were certainly those kinds of trips I will remember and think back to fondly for a lifetime. 

I’d be happy to do this trip of a lifetime solo as well, to be honest, as you are never really alone when travelling if you stay in the right places and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. Often meeting new people can elevate your trip to the next level. Being joined by friends and family at parts of the trip would also be amazing. 

I also think the trip shouldn’t have a set timeframe and shouldn’t be planned meticulously. It is more about staying as long as you feel like it and then moving on to the next place. When travelling, I’ve found it is difficult to predict what cities you will really connect with or where you will meet the right people.

So, that would be my trip of a lifetime. It is one I am actually planning to do sometime in the hopefully not so far future. 

What is your trip of a lifetime? Leave a comment, I’m super curious. 🙂

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  1. I just finished going through your blog and I have to say, it was an outright fulfilment. Your writing style is engaging and illustrative, making me feel like I was right there with you on your exploit. The picture you included were also incredible and really added to the overall experience. good-luck

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