The Roller Coaster Called Life

One minute everything is fine, the next it’s not. Happiness comes and goes, like the tide. Nothing is permanent. 

Why do we keep going? Why do we keep striving for the best moments in life and battling through the worst? What makes it all worth it?

The answer will be different for every one of us. Your path is unique, and so is your reason for being on the path. No one is on the exact same path as you, no one is able to know exactly what it feels like being in your shoes. Their judgement is always based on their version of you, not yours. 

For me, I keep going for happiness. My own, that of my family and friends and sometimes just strangers. Happiness is so fleeting, at times it feels like chasing the clouds. 

And yet, it’s worth it. For the small moments – a beautiful sunset, laughing late at night, seeing your loved ones achieving their dreams. Those make it worth it to me. 

What makes it worth it to you?

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  1. Itís hard to come by educated people for this subject, but you seem like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks

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