The One Simple Trick That Keeps My Room Clean

Overall, I’d say I’m not a particularly messy person. However, for some reason, I cannot keep my countertops tidy. I’ll clean them and ten minutes later there is a pile of stuff on them again that I then don’t tackle for days because it’s overwhelming. The same happens with my work desk when I work from home, it just ends up so messy.

I don’t know if anyone struggles with those exact same issues but I do know that cleaning can be one of those difficult tasks, especially if you struggle with mental health or are just really busy. The thing is, the messier the room, the harder to tidy it up – especially if you are not feeling your best. So I’ll share the one trick that has finally helped me keep my space clean with you in the hope that it helps just one person. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s something that can form a habit and keep your space clean in the long run:

Tidy up just ONE thing every time you walk past that messy space.

Seems deceptively easy? It kind of is. But, it works! Because it’s like any habit or goal, there is no point in trying to skip straight to the finish line. You need to go step by step, little by little. And tidying one thing at a time does exactly that. I couldn’t believe how quickly my space was cleaned up. Often I even started picking up more things because I was already in the process and starting is usually the most difficult part. 

You don’t have to pick up more though. Just tell yourself one item. Pick up that pen and put it in its holder. Or put the hoodie away that’s been lying on your chair for days. It will make a difference without being overwhelming. Just ONE thing. You can do it 🙂

Let me know if you decide to give this a go and whether it works for you! Or maybe share one of your tricks to keep your space clean when it gets difficult. 

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