Stop Waiting For The Right Moment And Just Start Now

Have you ever waited to burn that expensive candle that you bought years ago because there just hasn’t been the perfect moment yet? Or held out on trying something new because it just wasn’t the right time? Yeah, me too. I would wait for the new year to start a new habit. I would never eat that expensive chocolate because it seemed a waste. In the end I never ate it. Quite sad really. 

It’s because the right moment just never came around. In fact, I don’t think the right moment has ever come around for anything where I waited for it. Because as soon as you put these astronomical expectations on a thing or an experience, you will never feel ready. It will never feel ‘right’.

The thing is, if instead of waiting I had taken action straight away, it may have become the right moment. The expensive chocolate may have transformed a stressful day into a perfect one. Well, maybe not as far but it would have certainly improved it. 

If we wait too long for the ‘right’ moment to come along, we end up losing these moments altogether. This is where regret comes in. In my experience, I only truly regret the actions I didn’t take. Because even if you taking action leads to you making a mistake, you learn from it. You try again or you can move on knowing it wasn’t for you. If you don’t do it, you’ll just always wonder – ‘what if’.

The way to achieve goals is to start. People often say the journey is the most important part but I think it is the moment you decide to start. The moment you decisively set something in motion. That is the ‘perfect’ moment. 

So, go to that exercise class you’ve always wanted to try even though you are scared of being the worst. You’ll never get better without practising. Burn the candle – I promise it’ll make your day that bit better. Talk to the person you’ve been wanting to talk to for ages – it’ll give you closure. Try out that crazy business idea – 2022 is the year for startups, you may as well try. 

Once you start treating every moment like ‘the perfect moment’, even the tiniest things become something you look forward to. Don’t regret the things you didn’t do. Reflect on the mistakes you made, celebrate the wins and look back fondly at all the moments in between.

This is Day 9 of my 30 Day Writing Challenge! Thank you for joining me on this journey 🙂

What’s something you’ve always wanted to start?

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