Share a Relationship That Impacted You – Writing Prompt

I love a good writing prompt to get out of my comfort zone when writing. I was going through different websites for inspiration when I came across this one: “Share a relationship that impacted you”.

I’ve seen this prompt or question in general many times before and you always get celebrities, writers and people in general talking about that one relationship or person that shaped them. I always felt a bit silly, as I could not name one person that impacted me so much that that relationship shaped me. I couldn’t name one, because for me, I feel like who I am today is a puzzle of every single true relationship I’ve ever had in my life. 

Obviously my parents and other family have deeply impacted who I am and how I interact with the world. They taught me manners, how to be kind and many of my values. Then there have been many friendships, some of which ended years ago, that have impacted me over the years. Some taught me how to accept failure, others taught me to be the bigger person, others again shaped my idea of happiness. There have been teachers and lecturers who have shaped my viewpoints on certain subjects but also the world in general. There have been negative relationships and interactions that have shaped how I deal with confrontation and bounce back after a setback. 

So, when I think of a relationship that impacted me, my mind bounces from one to the next. Who I am today isn’t the result of one person, but of so many people who have shaped a tiny part of me. The way I put together these puzzle pieces and what I make of them is what makes me uniquely me. Because in the end, you have the choice over who you want to be. You can build what you want to be with your puzzle pieces. No ONE person should define who you are unless that one person is you. 

What are your thoughts on this prompt and do you have a relationship that has impacted you?

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