My Monthly Reflection – March 2022

It’s April. March went out with a bang, bringing snow to Britain after a week of sun that felt like summer. British spring at its finest.

I feel like the more that happens in my life, the faster it goes. It feels like I blinked and the month was over, yet a lifetime of things happened in the meantime. I went snowboarding, finally got a formal graduation and my work situation changed. At times, it felt too much, like I couldn’t breathe, but when things finally slowed down it’s like all the emotions I had no time for caught up and it was overwhelming in a different way. Still, I had an amazing month!

I hope you had a lovely March too, please tell me about it in the comments, I always love to hear what exciting things are happening in other people’s lives. I look forward to reflecting on this month and plan for the next, so let’s go!

“Life goes by pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Ferris in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What went well? What am I celebrating?

I’m celebrating enjoying things in the moment in March. Being present and recognising happiness for what it is in the moment are things I have been working on for a long time and this month I felt like I finally cracked some sort of code. There were still times of difficulty where I felt upset, but I was able to accept them in the moment and move on once they had passed. 

What is one lesson I learnt?

Life doesn’t follow your plan. And not all risks you take will end up successful. I took a risk in a startup and it didn’t end as planned. Neither did a different job I had taken on. It all kind of came to an abrupt end. It was a huge blow and yet, life moves on. Making mistakes, things not working out, unsuccessful risks – it’s all part of life. Especially if you live outside your comfort zone, which is what I am actively trying to do.

What didn't go well? How can I change this for next month?

I didn’t progress as much as I’d have liked in my writing and content creation. It wasn’t a priority and hence didn’t grow. We’ve all seen the overnight stars who grow seemingly without effort but it is just not the reality. I will work with increase focus in April towards this particular area of my life.

What area in my life did I grow the most in?

Personal development? Does that count? I’m going to say it does. My approach to life changed and grew a lot in March. It wasn’t an overnight change, it’s something I’ve been working hard on for years. I also read a lot more which I think helped, it just gives new perspectives outside of your own opinions. 

What new habits do I want to try and implement next month?

A habit I want to implement in April is not going on my phone until I’ve gotten out of bed in the morning and gotten ready for the day. For me, leaving bed is the hardest part of starting the day and having my phone doesn’t help the process. 

Did I achieve my March goals?

My March goals and how they went:

1) Spend less time on my phone!!! 
At times – as mentioned before it was an incredible busy month so I often was forced to spend less time on my phone. I still need to work on not spending hours pointlessly scrolling though, it wastes so much time.

2) Don’t get in my head too much about money
This went well, being with family and friends really helped.

3) Fully enjoy time with friends and be present in the moment
Yes, definitely. I saw tons of good friends this month as well as my family and made sure to be present while with them. Really recommend making this a priority!

4) Write a lot! It’s finally getting easier so don’t give up now!
Nope. Sadly, while being busy helped with other goals, it meant this one took a back seat. That’s okay though, sometimes you can’t do everything and need to prioritise.

5) Keep my room clean
More or less. The habit of picking up one thing every time I walked past really did start to make a huge difference though. 

6) Stop putting things off
Slow progress but definitely progress! That’s okay, I don’t try to aim for perfection here.

What are my goals for April?

1) Grow my Instagram to 2k – I don’t like reducing my content to numbers but I’ve been really inconsistent and want to take it a little more seriously. I also want to overcome my ‘fear’ of video content. I somehow find videos more vulnerable than photos.

2) Go travel – I’m starting to feel stuck always being in London so if possible, I want to travel a bit this month. Even if it is within the UK.

3) Get out of my comfort zone – stop not trying things because I’m not sure how they will turn out. It can only be not enjoyable and then at least I’ll know.

4) Write 3x a week. Last month I said to write more and I wrote very little. So, we’re setting more concrete and achievable goals this time. Sometimes I feel like I have to trick myself when it comes to completing goals haha.

5) Once a week, check out something new in London. It’s such a cool city, don’t stick to the same things over and over again.

6) Get on to the Medium Partner Program. I’m SO close to achieving this, it’ll be a real long-time goal come true. 

That’s it for March, are you ready to take on April? 

Bells pov march reflection questios
You can use this template for your own reflection. Please give credit if you do.

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