My Monthly Reflection – February 2022

Last month I started this series of monthly reflections and again, I cannot believe it’s already time for the February reflection. I sound like a broken record but why does life move so quickly at the moment? I am excited to reflect though and see what has changed or stayed the same from last month. I have added a new question as well as one to reflect on this month’s goals to see which ones I reached. Leave a comment telling me how your February went and what your goals are for the next month 🙂

“Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.
― Lawrence Bossidy

What went well? What am I celebrating?

I felt settled in February. I made a lot of time for old friends as well as met a lot of new ones. I felt extreme satisfaction with my job which is something I haven’t previously and shows me I’m on the right path. My mental health is so much better than a year ago at the same time. I am celebrating that I’ve gotten this far. I’m also celebrating that we each have our own timelines and my own is completely okay.

What is one lesson I learnt?

A lesson I learnt and am still trying to learn is to put things into perspective. Take a breather and accept that some things are awfully annoying and frustrating in the moment but will not be of importance tomorrow. Make sure not to waste time on those moments as they will add up and affect your mental health and overall outlook on life.

What didn't go well? How can I change this for next month?

Last month I wrote about procrastination and wanting to be more structured for this question. I succeeded to an extent but it has been a slow process. I think accepting that and taking little steps will be important to see overall change. What certainly didn’t go well this month is my sleep pattern. It went out the window, mostly thanks to social media and TikTok – mindless scrolling. Let’s get rid of that in March. It’s such an addictive waste of my time and more often than not, I don’t even enjoy the content, it is just mindless. I bought stuff for crocheting to have more off-screen time and as a new hobby to learn for next month. And yes, I’m two years behind the hype but who cares.

What area in my life did I grow the most in?

I think the way I carry myself in a professional setting. I trust my skills and knowledge a lot more now and am not terrified when I do not know something. I know I can learn about it and that is okay. This is new – I am extremely self-critical and this always reflected in how I went about my roles. I am currently seeing this change – it’s an amazing feeling.

What new habits do I want to try and implement next month?

A new habit I really want to try to implement is keeping my room clean as I go. I tend to just dump stuff and then it piles up and becomes a major chore, plus my room is never fully clean. So I want to get in the habit of putting stuff away rather than just placing it somewhere – I think it’s one of those small shifts that could make a huge positive difference. 

Did I reach my February goals?

My February goals were:

1) Planning out my time more carefully – I achieved this to an extent but wasn’t as strict as I’d like to have been. It’s a slow process though and there is no point beating myself up over it.
2) Being more consistent with hobbies – I did that one fairly well. I was ill for a bit which made sports difficult but I did keep up with it when possible.
3) Explore more of London – Yes, 100%. My feet are sore from how much walking I did in February.
4) Reaching the next stage with one of my roles – This was delayed due to factors outside of my control but is still very much in the cards.
5) Spend less time aimlessly on my phone – Hard no. Definitely need to sort that out.
6) Read more – Yes, I actually read a lot more this month and I feel like it’s been such an eye-opening experience and just a way to reflect on my viewpoints more!

What are my goals for the next month?

1) Spend less time on my phone!!! 
2) Don’t get in my head too much about money
3) Fully enjoy time with friends and be present in the moment
4) Write a lot! It’s finally getting easier so don’t give up now!
5) Keep my room clean
6) Stop putting things off

So there we go, another month done and dusted. Welcome to March – let’s ace it this month 🙂 I’m excited for spring and slightly longer days. 

What are your goals for March?

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