Movie Of The Month – Encanto | February 2022

I’ve decided to start a new series where I talk about my favourite movie for each month. For this February, it is the Disney movie ‘Encanto’. I finally got around to seeing it! I’ve been meaning to for absolutely ages after seeing it all over social media and becoming obsessed with the soundtrack, however just haven’t found (or made) the time.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Encanto, but personally I actually really enjoyed it and it had much deeper themes of family and relationships than I had expected. The characters are illustrated beautifully and the voice actors fit the roles perfectly. I think they really succeeded in giving each character a very unique personality and enough background to make them relevant to the story. 

My only criticism would be that I felt the story built up quite long to the point where everything comes crashing down (the peak of the storyline that every movie has) but then raced to the finish line. While the part where Mirabel and her Abuela talk things through is beautiful and actually made me tear up a bit (it’s been a long week), the parts after that went very fast and felt a bit rushed. 

That being said, I truly enjoyed the movie and laughed out loud several times. I’m not a professional in any way when it comes to movies so everything here is simply my opinion, nothing more. I will now get back to looping ‘Surface Pressure’ and ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ because they are masterpieces.

Have you watched Encanto? Did you enjoy it?

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