How To Sustainably Join the Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Fast fashion has been growing faster than ever, further accelerated by the boom in online shopping throughout the pandemic. However, more and more people are looking for more sustainable alternatives while still looking stylish and ‘on trend’. Social Media platform TikTok has highlighted the extreme power of viral trends, however many of them have been micro trends that go out of fashion within a month. So how can you join the constant flux of new trends while shopping mindfully and sustainably? I’ll explain using the current spring 2022 trend predictions. 

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have actually been trending for a while now but they are set to continue. The way to sustainably join this trend is by not buying into the micro-trends surrounding it. Get a well-made pair of platform shoes in your preferred style, such as boots or heels. This way you invest in a wardrobe staple that won’t go out of trend and can join the craze in a sustainable way. Platform shoes are also one of those trends that comes back almost yearly so investing in a high-quality, ideally sustainably made pair is 100% worth it.

Pleated Skirts

This fashion trend, especially for midi skirts, was all over the recent runways. It’s an interesting one because pleated tennis style skirts were a massive craze last summer. There are several ways to sustainably join this trend. Utilise your pleated skirts from previous trends – they give the exact same feel if styled right. Swap clothes with one of your friends (or even your mum – pleated skirts have been a trend before). Buy it second-hand – I have not been to one charity shop that didn’t have a long pleated skirt. If it’s slightly too long to be midi just hand-sew the hem up a bit. Don’t cut it as midi isn’t around to stay and a long pleated skirt is such a staple.

Corset 2.0

Corsets appear to be making a return, they were all over the SS22 runways. A lot of designers featured them in more experimental shapes and forms but the key aspects of the corset stayed the same. It just shows how cyclical fashion is and how rapidly trends reappear nowadays. Hence, if you’re going to invest in trends, invest in high-quality pieces that you genuinely like – even if that colour may not be quite the trend right now. That way you can repurpose the piece for trends to come. Making the standard corset more experimental is super simple, just layer over it or DIY some draping over parts of it.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, it is possible to buy into trends in a more sustainable manner. Key points to keep in mind is not buying into every single trend and choosing high-quality pieces you genuinely like the look of. When purchasing trend pieces, ask yourself if this is something you can see yourself wearing a year from now. These core wardrobe pieces can then be adapted and added to for trends through simple addition or subtraction methods. The skirt you’ve got is too long for the current trend? Temporarily hand sew it shorter. It’s easier than it seems. The piece is too basic? Add some bling, drapings or dye it. Not only will you help reduce the masses of fast fashion pieces currently in landfills but you also will stand out from the crowd while still following trends. 

What are your thoughts on current trends and sustainability?

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