Top Free Work and Study Spaces in London — The British Museum Library (2022 Update)

The British Museum attracts over six million visitors every year, yet few people know about the small library at the back. The Anthropology Library and Research Centre boasts a small, quiet space for students and workers to focus, right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of London’s biggest museum. If you’re looking for a free and quiet space to study or get some work done, this is the perfect location, right in central London.

How to get there:

The map above shows you the exact location of the library. When you reach the British Museum, you need to walk all the way around to the back entrance (on the side of Russel Square). There is a security check through which you enter the Museum, you then walk a few metres and the library will be to your right. It is called the Anthropology and Library Research Centre and the door is a little hidden so watch out for it when walking in. The library is before the main museum area so once you get to the staircase, you’ve gone too far.

British Museum Library Entrance — CC British Museum Library, Google Maps
British Museum Library Entrance — CC British Museum Library, Google Maps

You can also enter from the front museum entrance and cross the entire museum in one straight line. Once you get all the way to the back it will say exit and the library is in this area. If you get lost, there will be staff around to help you out, they are lovely.

Amenities available:

The library is free to enter and I did not need to register online. They will allow you to take your bags inside but you shouldn’t eat or have open drinks with you. If you have any questions, the reception staff was extremely lovely!

My overall rating:


I enjoyed working here, it is super quiet with lots of plugs so great for really focused study or work sessions. I’m subtracting a star as you cannot eat or drink and have to be very quiet. There is also not much of a view as the windows are limited.

Overall, a great place to study or work for free in central London.

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