Colours as Seen in the World – Turquoise

Colour is all around us. Scientifically, our eyes can only see colour if there is light. The colour we see is the wavelength of light that is bounced off or reflected by the object. So, a blue object only reflects the wavelengths of light that we perceive as blue. A black object hence absorbs all wavelengths and a white one reflects them

Most people have a favourite colour for one reason or another, This colour evokes a positive emotional response in us. It’s not totally clear why we have a favourite colour – scientists believe it might be due to our ancestors connecting certain colours with safety and health. However, our environment and culture is likely to play just as important a role (if not more), creating emotional connections to certain colours as they are linked to our memories.

Interestingly, your favourite colour may not be all that special (sorry!) – in 2015, a YouGov survey found that the world’s most common favourite colour is blue. Blue is the colour of calm, serenity and wisdom. It reminds us of blue skies and beaches and has overall less negative connotations in everyday life than other colours of the rainbow. 

My favourite colour, in fact, is a variation of blue – turquoise. Some would argue it’s more of a green – I think it is anything between the two. Turquoise, similar to blue, stands for serenity and balance. It indicates clarity of mind as well as creativity. It’s said to encourage reflection and introspection. Turquoise also encompasses characteristics of green and yellow, such as growth and an uplifting energy.

Turquoise is also an ancient crystal, and said to be the first one mined by civilisation. Similar to the colour itself, it speaks of the ocean and skies. It represents wisdom, prosperity, tranquillity, and protection. The stone is said to heal holistically, particularly concerning matters of the heart and mind.

I’ve always liked the colour, though I could not give you a specific reason as to why. It simply makes me happy. I think it is the connection to the ocean and skies, which to me symbolise freedom and happiness.

Turquoise can be found everywhere you look. From the Northern Lights (bottom right) to London’s high rise buildings (top middle) all the way to the “White Sand” Island in Chaung Tha, Myanmar (top left). When you go about your day today, look out for the colour turquoise. You will find specs of it everywhere. 

What do you think of when you think of the colour turquoise?

Which colour should I do next? 

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