8 TOP Things To Do – One Day in Beziers, France

I recently booked a flight from London to Beziers, France. Why? Well, I was going to start a French Language Course in Montpellier, however, the flights to Beziers were at better times and from Luton Airport (which I prefer to Stansted as far as budget travel goes). I then found out that Beziers is only a 1-hour train ride from Montpellier and all train tickets in September on weekends were 1Euro so I was sold. In total, I spent about 24 hours in Beziers and really enjoyed my time there. 

I’d recommend flying into Beziers if you can’t get convenient flights to e.g. Montpellier as it’s really well connected, small but efficient and getting into town from the airport is super cheap (the bus was only around €1.60).

A lot of Beziers guides I read to figure out what to see included food and drink options so I will be solely focusing on the attractions to visit on a day or weekend trip:

1) Pont Vieux

Beziers Pont Vieux - bridge over water with vies of beziers and the cathedral

Probably the most famous landmark of Beziers and a gorgeous location for photos. As you can see, they had a big crane right in the centre when I went, but it was still really pretty.  Pont Vieux has been standing strong as a key crossing over the river Orb since 1134.

2) Les 9 Écluses de Fonseranes

9 Fonseranes locks Beziers

A 20-minute walk from Pont Vieux you will find ‘Les 9 Écluses de Fonseranes’, a collection of 9 gates connecting 8 locks for boats to be raised a total of 21.5 metres. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the over 300-year-old locks still functioning today. At the top, you can also find a restaurant with gorgeous views over the landscape and Beziers, however expect prices for mains between 20-30 Euros.

3) Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire de Béziers

Beziers cathedral

This Cathedral is listed as a Historic Monument and dates back all the way to the 13th century. It is surrounded by different restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the view and get some great food.

4) Panorama Platform behind the Cathédrale

If you walk around the cathedral, you will find yourself on a viewing platform with views of the river, Pont Vieux and the surrounding land. It’s one of my favourite places in Beziers.

5) The walkway from the Cathédrale to Pont Vieux

The first time I found this, it was completely by accident. When you’re at the viewing platform and turn towards the church, follow the path to the right and you will find a staircase that leads to this walkway. Beziers is situated on a hill, so this walkway takes you down to the level of Pont Vieux. There are also lifts covering all staircases. The views are once again gorgeous and the whole experience is actually really fun.

6) La Fontaine Musicale and surrounding area

La Fontaine Musicale Beziers

Allée Paul Riquet is one of the main streets in Beziers and hard to miss, your hotel is likely to be situated there. Just off the street is a small park that often has art installations as well as these water fountains. At night they light up to music. There are lots of restaurants and bars nearby too – just make sure to do some research on good ones as some of them are tourist traps.

7) Wander the small streets from Allées Paul-Riquet to the Cathédrale

Whether you’re walking from the Cathedral or down from the main square, you will be led through these tiny streets with shops, painted buildings and decorations. Take your time and you will find paintings everywhere, sculptures and more.  

8) Les Halles de Béziers

Les Halles de Beziers - markethall with food and souvenir stands

Les Halles is a historic market in the old town of Beziers, boasting a range of food, drink and souvenir stalls. The food comes highly recommended and the range is great.

TOP 8 Things to See in Beziers

  1. Pont Vieux
  2. Les 9 Écluses de Fonseranes
  3. Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire de Béziers
  4. Panorama Platform behind the Cathédrale
  5. The walkway from the Cathédrale to Pont Vieux
  6.  La Fontaine Musicale and surrounding area
  7.  The small streets between Allées Paul-Riquet and the Cathédrale 
  8. Les Halles de Béziers
Have you visited Beziers yet? What's your favourite city in France?

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  1. Aw, Beziers looks like such a lovely place! I love spontaneous breaks, this looks like a lot of fun x

    1. It was actually so gorgeous!! Me too, spontaneous breaks are the best

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