5 Things I Can’t Live Without When Travelling – Useful Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Whether I go on a month-long international trip or a weekend getaway in Europe, here are the 5 items I will always bring:

A crossbody or bum bag

I use the Uniqlo shoulder bag literally every single day while travelling. It went viral on TikTok a few months ago because people were able to fit so many things + a whole water bottle in it and I was sold. I rarely buy into trends but a bag that fits everything and looks cute? Sign me up. I have two now, one was a gift from a friend who heard me rave about it for hours on end. But honestly, any bum/shoulder/crossbody bag will do the trick. Just make sure it’s small so it can go under clothes if necessary (perfect for areas prone to pickpockets) and is able to hold the essentials.

A reusable water bottle

Super cliché but it is just a staple. Very rarely have I not been able to refill my bottle while travelling. It’s saved me money and saved the environment from even more plastic waste. You don’t need to buy fresh water every day which is often the literal same as tap water!

A microfibre towel

You NEED to get this! It’s the number one travel essential. These towels can be folded super tiny, dry quickly and are versatile. I usually take two to have some flexibility. You can easily wash these towels while travelling as well and they will dry overnight.

A small, lightweight power bank

My phone is my map, translator, guide and more. If it dies while I’m out in a new city, it would be less than ideal. So while it is certainly possible to travel without your phone, I’d recommend always carrying a power bank as a backup. You never know when you may need your phone in an emergency.

Nowadays you can get super lightweight, small power banks for around £15 that can just go into any of your pockets. You won’t even notice that you have it until you need it.

Shower shoes (or just flip-flops)

No matter what accommodation you have booked, you can never go wrong with shower shoes. Protect your feet from athlete’s foot and yourself from slipping in the shower.

I’d go as far as saying this isn’t optional if you’re staying in a hostel or somewhere else with shared bathrooms. People can be gross and it will make you feel so much more comfortable.

I usually just take flip-flops because they fold town really small but sliders will do the same thing.

What are your travel essentials?

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