5 Free Tools Every Content Creator Should Know About

The key to content creation is making it look easy, however, as anyone who has tried it for themselves knows, it is anything but. Below are my top 5 free tools that can make your life a little bit easier when creating content – from image editing to content scheduling:

Photo Editing - VSCO & A Color Story

Fun fact, I’m actually trained as a designer. So, when it comes to image editing apps, I am a bit picky. I love Photoshop, but who has the time to edit every image on there, plus the subscription is super expensive.

Of all the apps that have been recommended to me, these two are the ones I’ve stuck with and use religiously:

  1.  VSCO – This app is amazing for basic editing, getting your lighting right and adjusting colours. 
  2. A Color Story – I only came across this app recently and it’s amazing. It doesn’t have a ton of free options but the filters it does have are superior to many of the other apps. Its free ‘Style’ pack is perfect for that ‘golden hour’ look and you can buy more filter packs for really affordable prices. 

Video Editing - InShot & CapCut

Video Editing is super fun but relies heavily on a good video editing app or even software. Again, I’ve tried a few apps but I always keep going back to my original app.

  1. InShot – I swear by this app. It does everything I need it to and is user-friendly and simple. The watermark can easily be removed with a quick ad and the quality is nice.
  2. CapCut – This was recommended to me very recently and so far it is the only app other than InShot I actually like using for video editing. From what I can tell, it has more capabilities than InShot included.

Canva is the holy grail for anything content creation that requires graphics or text. I refused to use it for quite some time because it made my degree seem kind of pointless but it’s been life-changing. Maybe not as dramatic, but it is an awesome platform. The templates are intuitive, the graphics are cute, there are photos included and preset post types. 

Content Scheduling - later

Later is a fantastic website for scheduling your social media posts and the free version is the best no-cost scheduling service currently available (in my humble opinion). It includes one social media set and 10 posts per month so a good amount to get started. It is also really affordable if you want to schedule more posts and get one of the subscriptions. The user interface is intuitive and scheduling across different platforms is super easy!

Open Source Images - Pexels & Unsplash

If you look at any of the images at the top of my blog posts, likelihood is they are either taken by me or from one of these websites. I started using them when I first got into design and they are incredible resources for pictures. For both, attribution is not required but it is always the polite thing to do, if you can! After all, someone put their work out there for you to use, completely free of charge. They have photos for whatever topic you might desire and the quality is amazing!

What are some of your favourite content creation tools?
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