30 Day Writing Challenge to Overcome My Perfectionism In Writing

One big challenge I face every single day when trying to complete tasks is my perfectionist tendencies. They often stop me from starting a task out of fear of not being able to complete it ‘perfectly’. It has been the same with writing. I have not written in this blog for a while now, out of fear of not writing well. I have thought about it many times and actually started quite a few drafts but they were never even halfway finished. 

The thing is I am not a writer (yet) and nobody has ever reached ‘perfect’ without practice. It’s like expecting to enter a gymnastics gym for the first time and being able to do a full floor routine after the first session. It’s just not realistic. Writing takes time and practice to get the hang of, like most things in life (or so we are always told).

It’s also not supposed to be a chore, at least that’s not why I started this blog. I thought it would be a fun way to share my thoughts, however imperfectly worded they might be. A way to go a bit more in-depth than your standard social media accounts allow for – to move away from the illusion of a perfect life and move towards a more realistic view of everyday life with all its ups and downs.

So, for the next 30 days, I am going to just write. I will write a blog post every single day. I’ll try to experiment with different styles and topics, but the aim is more to write rather than write about a specific thing. In the end, I’ll have 30 posts, the majority of which might be subpar and get deleted after this challenge, but at least I practised. If the last post is even a little better than the first, the challenge has been a success. 

I’m going to stop here now before I overthink it, but if you want to follow along, I’ll be posting updates to my social media which are linked below. If you are a writer, tell me about your writing journey and how you overcome the need to write perfectly!

See you tomorrow 🙂




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