25 Journaling Prompts To Start Your Day Off Right

I know a lot of writers who swear by journaling first thing in the morning, or more specifically the concept of ‘Morning Pages’. The practice is simple, you just need to fill three pages with writing as the first thing to do when you wake up. It’s supposed to help you start the day right by unleashing creativity, processing emotion and clearing your mind. I haven’t quite managed to do my journaling straight after waking up, but I am trying to build it into my morning routine. So, if journaling (whatever time of day) is something you are also trying to make a habit of, here are 25 excellent prompts to get you started:

  1. What do I know now, that I didn’t a year ago?
  2. What is something that is bothering me right now? How can I resolve it?
  3. What are my top five priorities that govern my daily life?
  4. What values are most important to me and how can I practice them more?
  5. Which part of my workday do I enjoy most? How can I do more of that?
  6. What do I want to be doing at this moment in five years time?
  7. What is something I have always wanted to do but haven’t out of fear? Is there a way to overcome it?
  8. What is one thing I regret doing? How can I make sure it never happens again?
  9. What are some ways I could reach out to my loved ones in the next month?
  10. Have I made anyone smile today? If not, what could I do to change that?
  11. What would I do if I knew no one would judge me for it?
  12. What’s something I’ve always wanted to tell my parents?
  13. If I could get advice from one person, whoever I want, who would it be and why?
  14. What was a time I was really hurt? What effect has this had on my life? 
  15. What is one thing I could give up right now to have more time and/or happiness?
  16. If I could tell my 15-year-old self one thing, what would it be?
  17. When am I happiest?
  18. What do I want to be remembered as?
  19. What is one thing I am grateful for today?
  20.  How could I practise more patience in my everyday life?
  21. Who is that one friend I can always rely on? Why?
  22. What are some negative emotions I am feeling right now? How can I address them?
  23. What would I do if money was not an objective?
  24. What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for me?
  25. How will I get out of my comfort zone today?
I hope you find these helpful, they are ones I’ve really enjoyed or that got me thinking!
What are some of your favourite journaling prompts?
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