20 Random Thoughts of The Day

  1. Is cereal a type of soup?
  2. Not everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
  3. When we are looking for an answer, how do we ever know it’s the right one and not just the one we decide to settle on
  4. Is a lazy day even lazy if you spend all day overthinking being lazy
  5. Why do we say ‘How are you’ as hello in Britain and have to say ‘How are you actually doing’ to follow up and get an answer?
  6. Growing up means accepting the people you look up to the most aren’t perfect either
  7. How are tomatoes and cucumbers fruit..
  8. But pancakes aren’t cakes?
  9. Who decided that we have to act differently in our 20s and 30s?
  10. Why are upstairs neighbours loud by default?
  11. Technically you’re one year older than your current age
  12. Why do eyelashes betray us and often irritate our eyes?
  13. Who decided the length of one second?
  14. Why do we all go through old arguments in the shower?
  15. Something about abstract art is really cute because I could be looking at a blank square but the artist adds meaning to it by putting it into context
  16. When does ‘daydreaming’ turn into just ‘dreaming’?
  17. Is context the solution when ambiguity is the question?
  18. Why do we sometimes look at words and suddenly lose their meaning, like when you write a lot and the word ‘and’ starts to look funny
  19. When does an acquaintance turn into a friend?
  20. We all spend the majority of our time thinking about ourselves

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