15 New Hobbies To Try For The Summer

Summer is well and truly on the way and it’s the perfect time to try new things and explore different hobbies. As adults, we often get stuck in a routine and forget that trying new hobbies can open up a world of possibilities, friendships and learning. Summer means longer days and warm weather and there is an overall excitement in the air. So, here are 15 new hobbies you can try this summer to leave the winter slump behind and make unforgettable memories:

Give Water Sports a go

From surfing to paddleboarding to kayaking, there are endless options. And you don’t need to live by the sea to try them. For example, London has different rivers and lakes that offer many water activities as well as clubs that organise day trips to the seaside for surfing and more – check out this surf meetup. You could also look into long weekends at adventure parks, such as this one in Snowdonia.

Get into photography

This is the perfect hobby to get you out and about in the warm weather while tapping into your creativity. Grab a camera (your phone one is likely already really great quality) and get shooting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you’ll get to explore, make fun memories and have lasting photos of them. 

Learn to crochet

The crochet hype started by TikTok may have been a thing of last year, yet it is the ideal hobby to try for summer. Crocheting is something you can easily do while outside, enjoying the sun, no matter where you are. It’s inexpensive, fun and gets you away from your screen. You’ll also certainly find people who are looking to get started too and make new connections.

Outdoor Team/Group Sports

From rounders to hiking to bouldering, there are countless outdoor sports to do with other people. Summer is the perfect time to give them a try. Simply research what your local clubs or meetups are offering and give it a go!

Make DIY Jewellery

The DIY look in jewellery is actually really ‘in’ right now. Beaded necklaces, fun earrings and friendship bracelets are the hype again and I’m here for it. DIYing jewellery is definitely a skill you can learn and will save you money in the long run. It’s also fun and can be done in the sun with friends. Here is a really fun tutorial to get you started.

Start journaling

I’m a huge fan of journaling. I’ve talked about it endlessly on this blog (e.g. here ). I promise it’s such a great hobby to get into – it improves your mental health, helps organise your life and reminds you of your goals and dreams. There are also many scientifically proven benefits. So, grab a notebook and a pen and just start writing.

Time to try rollerskating

Another hobby that has blown up through TikTok recently, however, it is really worth the hype. I grew up rollerskating and as kids, we would spend hours skating through our town on hot summer evenings. It’s super fun, a great workout and has an incredible community.

Paint your heart out

Painting can sound daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. I love watercolours because they’re fun, affordable and the end result is always interesting. All you need to start is a sheet of paper and any medium to draw or paint – pens, watercolour, acrylics, chalk – whatever you may fancy. And remember, you don’t have to be any good at your hobbies, they should just be fun.

Go Sightseeing

When I moved to the UK, I quickly realised that people who’ve lived here all their lives have seen far less of the country than I had after a few years. Interestingly, it’s the same for me – I have seen far less of my home country than, say, of the UK or even Australia. So, if you’re home over the summer, why not be a tourist? Have a look at online tourist guides and actually follow them – you’ll see things you never even noticed before.

Volunteer in your community

Summer is the perfect time for volunteering. There are tons of outdoor events that you can support and many charities put on special fundraising events to take part in. 

Learn a new language

Going travelling this summer? Challenge yourself to learn the basics of the country’s language. Hello, how are you, where can I find…, I’d like to have… – just try to learn the most common phrases you will need.  It’s a really fun way to expand your knowledge and be respectful of the country you’re visiting.

Upcycle old clothes

It’s time to reduce the amount of fast fashion all of us buy. Try upcycling old clothes, take a course or learn together with friends. Sustainability isn’t about perfection but about doing the best you can!

Party at Music Festivals

I’m not sure this counts as a hobby, but it is the perfect summer activity. Listening to your favourite music with your friends in warm weather – it’s one of the best feelings. 

Explore outdoor exhibitions

Summer is when art galleries take their exhibitions outside and lots of fun events are available for you to explore. For example, London has Sculpture in the City. These special exhibitions are always super cool and such a great activity for summer.


This one is similar to journaling but more creative. It’s also a perfect way to keep all your little keepsakes in one place, such as concert tickets or exhibition leaflets. 

What’s a hobby you want to try this summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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